Myriads – A Machine Learning Platform

MYRIADS may be a decentralised Machine Learning Network for everybody,
Based on Blockchain and Developed for GPU house owners. Myriads.IO team is creating new hardware and software approach to machine learning. it’s project that aims to modify AI by investment blockchain technology. we tend to tend to believe that suburbanized machine learning could also be a brand new historic amount.
Myriads may be a new machine learning network that’s decentralised and supported blockchain. The system permits for computing power of GPUs to investigate giant amounts of knowledge and build predictions. looking on the accuracy of the predictions, the miners area unit rewarded consequently.
With the Myriads network, humans don’t set the costs of machine learning services. costs area unit perpetually regulated supported user demand and existing resources. The network is open supply, reliable, clear, secure, and fully decentralised. With the Myriads network, miners will earn financial gain within the variety of MRDS tokens once disposition their hardware. consumers area unit ready to obtain victimisation this procedure power.

About Myriads.IO
The team is making new hardware and software system approach to machine learning. it’s projected that aims to decentralize AI by investing blockchain technology. we tend to believe that suburbanized machine learning may be a new age. technical school giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet sell machine learning GPUs powers with superprofits. we wish to deconcentrate this method and send superprofits to GPUs miners to form helpful computations (do not wastingkWs for unuseful calculations).

Why Should MYRIADS?

  • Blockchain based
    MYRIADS — P2P networks are autonomous and decentralized for machine learning based on blockchain. A transparent, reliable and secure solution. There is no central authority or intermediary.
  • 40% -50% Less Expensive
    The lowest price is based on the perfect market. No human set a price for ML services, the network continually adjusts the price with the lowest possible cost based on existing resources and user demand
  • Superior Incentivization Structure
    Users pay with MRDS tokens for large amounts of computing power for machine learning. Miners earn money through by leasing out their hardware.

Why bought to MYRIADS?
Blockchain primarily based
MYRIADS — P2P networks area unit autonomous and decentralised for machine learning supported blockchain. A clear, reliable and secure resolution. there’s no central authority or negotiator.
40% -50% more cost-effective
The lowest worth relies on the proper market. No human set a worth for mil services, the network frequently adjusts the worth with rock bottom attainable value supported existing resources and user demand
Superior Incentivization Structure
Users pay with MRDS tokens for giant amounts of computing power for machine learning. Miners earn cash through by leasing out their hardware.

Myriads.IO resolution
Myriads.IO is that the decentralised protocol manufacturing a distributed machine learning design victimisation blockchain technology. Our system permits idle GPUs computing power to analyse huge information and predict the long run, whereas appreciated miners for the accuracy of their predictions.

Market summary
The various coloured bars mirror the performance of varied approaches to machine learning using a dataset of eighty elementary and technical factors relating to a mean of one,000 listed stocks from Dec 1989 through to Sept 2017.

Pharm McKinsey estimates that vast information and machine learning in pharm and drugs could generate a value of up to $100B annually, supported higher decision-making, optimized innovation, improved efficiency of study /clinical trials, and new tool creation for physicians, consumers, insurers, and regulators.

Computer Vision
Image classification continues to be a extremely troublesome field in portable computer vision and machine learning. in step with a replacement report from Tractica, the globe marketplace for portable computer vision hardware and code will increase from $6.6 billion in 2015 to $48.6 billion annually by 2022.

Fraud Detection
Fraud detection and hindrance value forty one.59 Billion USD by 2022. As according among the international Forecast to 2022. cc significantly sensible at recognising patterns in information then equally sensible at recognizing anomalies in those patterns. This makes it a superb approach for preventing fraud.Machine learning is probably the foremost well likeable issue in geographical region like a shot. significantly deep learning. the principle why it’s so hot is as a results of it’ll take over many repetitive, mindless tasks. every company needs to do and do machine
learning on a way larger scale and for fewer worth. Cloud service suppliers will still contend to drive down the costs and increase the potential of machine learning systems.

Language method
Challenges in language method ofttimes involve language understanding, speech recognition, language generation, etc. language method value sixteen.07 Billion USD by 2021.

End-Users ar people and firms
Individuals and firms World Health Organization need vast GPU computation power. They pay with MRDS tokens for machine learning network power
User sends information and millilitre algorithmic rule
User pays with MRDS tokens
Myriads network generate tasks for miners
Myriads network offer predictions
The number of the MRDS token living strictly restricted by associate degree algorithmic rule.

Benefits for Miners
arn MRDS tokens by GPU`s calculative
Make helpful computations (stop wasting kWs)
Easy to use and install code
Profit maximization for your hardware
Secure suburbanised network supported prisoner + PoS
Benefits for End-Users
ML computation cheaper than Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud, etc.
Rapid information transfer with BitTorrent protocol
Easy to line up and manage code
Better security supported decentralization
Developers friendly setting
Pre-installed millilitre frameworks
Integrated scientific computing
Smart applications for machine learning.

Token Sale
Myriads.IO Project has received over USD 1,100,000 in venture capital funding from private Chinese VC fund and bank.

The token sale will be launched at 14:00 UTC on March 20, 2018 and closes at 14:00 UTC on May 19, 2018 (60 days). Below are details of the token sale

  • Company name: MYRIADS IO LP
  • Head office address: 101 Rose Street Lane, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH2 3JG
  • Blockchain platform: Ethereum
  • Token name: MRDS
  • Min transaction amount: Unlimited
  • Max transaction amount: Unlimited
  • Total Token Supply: 270,000,000 MRDS
  • Hard cap: 108,000,000 MRDS
  • Soft cap: No soft cap is set
  • Initial rate: Token price is locked to 1 ETH = 25,000 MRDS
  • The whitelist is limited to:
    1500 KYC Verified Contributors
    7500 Unverified Contributors
  • The total number of Myriads.IO tokens will be 270,000,000
  • 40% of a total number of tokens will be sold for contributors.
  • 45% of tokens will be used as incentives for GPUs miners
  • 10% will be held by Myriads.IO team as incentives for development
  • 5% — rewards for early adopters (advisors and community)


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AIDA Service, A Future Transaction Scheme Using CryptoCurrrency

AIDA services on be thought of as a project, has need to vary business method in business that is started three (three) years agone around 2014. AIDA service choose construction materials field as industrial field to be concerned as we have a tendency to developed this AIDA service supported the competence and experience of the individuals concerned in Development arrange Team of AIDA Service that is developed Asian country Company.
Presented below ar the individuals concerned in Development arrange Team combined within the team consists of each young and promising developers, yet as skilled specialists in numerous fields. The team will be classified as high management, corporation team, and specialist.
Top management ar :
1. Nyssanov Ualikhan — director. expertise in Project creator. Specialist in selling and sales.
2. Goncharenko Denis — IT Director. He is answerable for the development of the team and therefore the implementation of the project. Specialist in automation of business processes..
3. Urmagambetov Samat — Co-founder. authority on work with customers. A successful developer with associate degree expertise of labor over fifteen years.
4. Kunsakov Arman, decision maker
5. Biskembaeva Aizhan, business Director
6. Krukhmaleva Svetlana, Chief operative Officer

Corporation team encompass :
1. Kovalevsky Sergey, Head of Development Department
2. Erezhev Almat, Project Manager
3. Yakupov Ruslan, Specialist of business department

Specialists ar :
1. Gribansky Oleg, Product Promotion Specialis
2. Tsoi Natalya, SMM specialist
3. Kulikesheva Dinara, Web-designer
4. Balgabek Dauren, Developer / Designer
5. Narimanova Tomiris, internet Developer
6. Miloserdov Stanislav, internet Developer
7. Bazaev Askar, Back-end developer
8. Kang Dae Han Han Chung, Front-end / Back-end
9. Usmanov Rinat, Back-end developer
10. Orazmukhammet Alpamys, internet developer

1. Development of distinctive automatic sales platform (service), which is able to target to finish ninetieth of existing market.
2. we have a tendency to aim to make the # one sales service within the world, which is able to take into consideration the most problems with our shoppers and listen to details which will facilitate alter their work.
It is doable to resolve the issues of all method participants: by providing tools which will operate in concert organism.

We ar progressing to produce the sales service #1 within the world, which is able to contemplate each the main issues of our shoppers and listen to the small print which will facilitate to form the work with them a lot of convenient.
There is a break of determination the issues of all the participants of the process: via providing the tools which will operate as one organism.
How will we see it? it’s an automatic service, that connects all the participants and provides a chance to exchange data quickly and during a timely manner. we have a tendency to resolve the matters of following of the clients’ orders and documentary flows via digitalisation of the flow and business signatures.

There is a capability to unravel the issues of of these participants of the method by providing tools that may work as one organism. however can we see it? this can be an automatic service that unites all participants and provides the chance to exchange info quickly and in a very timely manner. we tend to solve the matter of trailing orders for the consumer, document circulation for all participants as a result of electronic document circulation and electronic digital signatures. every participant has its own personal account as a tool for coming up with and conducting its activities, wherever all the analytics is gathered.

AIDA service will offer price supplemental and benefits for client, a number of them square measure :
1. Fight and cut back corruption activities within the business method as a result of this corruption will causes serious issues to client company and typically this corruption may result to lost of the corporate profit.
2. offer higher delivery management of the fabric purchased and may be simply half-tracked in system if there’s order.
3. higher choice of providers to avoid unscrupulous supplier that’s tough to be glorious in early as a result of they show smart package however once material arrived in client facet then package opened prove to dangerous contain material. This condition are worst if that suppliers denies the package content and therefore the material purchased cannot be came with several unclear reason.
4. Shortening the long chain of intermediaries, this shortening chain of intermediaries can impact to decreasing the worth to be paid by client. Sometimes, countless intermediaries will cause the costs for client to rise dramatically
5. Simplification considerably in document flow that is typically sophisticated, the a lot of suppliers, the a lot of documents for the accounting department like contracts, tax invoices, consignment notes, reconciliation reports, service acceptance acts etc.
6. offer answer for storage within the client facet, as not all construction corporations have their own warehouses. Those construction corporations will lack temporary storage places. As a result, the corporate can buy the required materials in bulk, to avoid wasting on delivery and to induce a reduction from the provider, however it does not have the chance to store the materials.
7. offer easier of fabric handiness, typically is happened that a cloth is desperately needed to be put in at website however business department has difficulties to search out instantly as a result of buying employees ought to search provider and additionally the provision of materials would like time that is someday long term. furthermore in several cases that typically arise potential risk the absence of the chance to guage the standard of the fabric attributable to the space between the corporate and therefore the provider. This potential risk is removed by the existence of AIDA service.

Start date: 4 January 2018 (9:00, Time zone: GMT + 6)
End Date: January 25, 2018 (23:59, All times are GMT + 6)

Form of payment: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, USD
Course: 1 USD = 4 AID tokens
Number of tokens per participant: unlimited

The minimum transaction amount for the files: 100 USD
Minimal transaction amount for Crypto currency: 20 USD
The maximum amount of transaction for the files: 500 USD
Maximum transaction amount for crypto-currencies: no restrictions
Number of tokens: unlimited
Bonuses: + 15%
Return: The whole period
Number of retries: 1
Minimum number of tokens: All purchased and bonus
Maximum number of tokens: All purchased and bonus
Bonuses: Return at zero cost, after which they will be destroyed
Start date: 26 January 2018 (00:00, Time zone: GMT + 6)
End date: 15 February 2018 (23:59, Time zone: GMT + 6)
Form of payment: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, USD

Price: 1 USD = 4 AID tokens

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HOME LOANS – Blockchain Backed Up By Real State Platform

The HOME LOANS platform started as an organization in 2011 to concentrate on property transactions and property secured loans in 2013, geared toward delivering optimum solutions to its customers. to enhance the skilled level within the field of property sales and mortgage loans once a year, our workers ar trained, as proven by the connected certificates. once a year our organization participates all told forums, that happen within the framework of mortgage disposition. Our partners ar like giants like Sberbank, VTB 24, Gazprombank, URALSIB. To program this platform, we’ve got attracted good contract programmers and consultants. conjointly within the development and development method we’ll attract specialists from the blockchain.

HOUSEHOLD LOANS is AN simply accessible money platform whereby folks from everywhere the planet will flip their savings into property-backed HLCoin currencies to urge a come on real estate loans, property purchases and financial gain protection from inflation. within the future we’ll be able to facilitate all the one.6 billion those who don’t have their own housing, and conjointly all those that, for no matter reason, ar rejected by the bank, adding it to the new world decentralization cryptosystem.International loan platform for realty HOME LOANS provides loan sorts such as:
1. Loans for housing beneath construction.
2. Loans for secondary housing.
3. Loans for industrial realty.
4. Loan for land purchase.
5. Loans for own property.
HOME LOANS platform uses complicated algorithms to predict trustiness of all customers and simply|in only|in mere|in exactly|in precisely|in barely} twenty minutes a receiver will get their terribly 1st the primary loan to get realty in his her life just from their smartphone. All customers have a capability to pay less interest and have a better credit rating, if they use our platform a lot of typically.

Arrangement and therefore the operating

The recipient are going to be distinguished by the electronic recognizable proof through the blockchain and therefore the data are going to be gathered through the moveable application Home Loans. every exchange are going to be followed by the savvy contract and place away within the sent inscribe. The worldwide stage can provide loans to any kinds in particular: Loans for the get of the land, nonobligatory lodging, for homes beneath the event and for feat their own property.


The moveable application connection the gatherings can have the capability to urge the purchasers to buy merchandise and ventures from the assistant organizations by giving offers like cashbacks and prizes. metric capacity unit Coin are going to be given at the conversion normal to the purchasers.

The month to month expense is charged to the association for setting the name within the moveable use of consumer credit.

The counterparty receives the shoppers and therefore the purchasers by providing the metric capacity unit coins. The investors can invest for the loans within the order currency in consumer credit platform that is then employed in the exchange to convert to the metric capacity unit coins. These metric capacity unit coins area unit used because the circulation within the metric capacity unit platforms, counterparts and therefore the purchasers.

How To Apply?

1. within the versatile application HOME LOANS, the recipient leaves Associate in Nursing application for Associate in Nursing advance ( the type of credit, the specified add, and conjointly the property that the advance is taken, nation, city).

2. The marking program checks the recipient and also the representatives of HOME LOANS (in franchisee nations) protest land on the legitimate virtue. In nations wherever the recruitment specialist on the piece chain is Associate in Nursing taken register.

3. This knowledge is uncovered in Associate in Nursing open form to the platform for speculators and specifically the kind of credit, sum, gathering amount, land protest (after confirmation), the marking aftereffect of the recipient (without borrower’s near home information).

4. Accumulation of HLCoin in impermanent capability (from one to three days). Truth be told, HOME

LOANS purchases from money specialists HLCoin at the swapping scale for the advance.

Goals and also the Roadmap
Thus Home loans attain their goals by serving to the personal investors and business performing on the blockchain technology platform. The tokens ar being launched with the speed of 1 HLC token equals one u. s. greenbacks. With its expertise within the assets sector for over 10 years, consumer credit is progressing to launch it within the Blockchain platform. The team contains of members from assets business, engineers and technical school consultants.

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Introduction to The Fabric Token (FT) Ecosystem

The Fabric Token (FT) system aims to empower people and businesses with quick access to blockchain technology and sensible contracts by providing a bundle of easy computer code. The merchandise inside the linear unit system can focus totally on serving to folks of any background to make and deploy their suburbanised application (DApp), while not the specialised creating by mental acts information that they’d typically want.

It is generally troublesome to search out and dearly-won
Small firms that don’t have these resources square measure typically at an obstacle. DApp development ought to be straightforward to use and perceive. this can be wherever material Token comes into play. they need created AN easy-to-implement resolution that creates suburbanised app creation offered to everybody. this can be terribly fascinating news for tiny businesses and other people while not writing information. it’ll positively be a large success.

With Token material
users will produce applications simply. this can be like the simple thanks to produce a web site employing a drag and drop platform.Users will build a whole system around their destination for the applying. material tokens use what they decision TokenGen for the generation of the final word sensible contract. They conjointly complement their platform with DApp worktable.This allows for straightforward creation while not writing information.

FABRIC TOKEN — Converting ideas into DApps
The Fabric Token (FT) system aims to produce people and businesses with quick access to blockade technology and intelligent contracts by providing a easy computer code package. merchandise within the linear unit system can focus initial and foremost on serving to folks of any background produce and deploy a suburbanised program (DApp) while not the special information of creating by mental acts that they sometimes want.

Ecosystem material Token
The Fabric Token system can accommodates four main component:
Fabric Token,
Token Gen,
DApp worktable, and
Fabric Store.

The four principle components square measure as per the following:
The Fabric Token, which can be utilised completely as a utility to create installments for things and administrations within the linear unit system.
TokenGen, which can alter purchasers to effectively turn out sensible contracts for his or her tokens and pledge drives, during this manner moving their concentration from this undiscovered and immature territory to the factor that problems most — their thought.
DApp worktable, which can allow organizations of any size, to effectively incorporate blockchain and shrewd contracts within their organization’s intra-and between stratified business forms and demonstrate and enhance their work processes utilizing a natural simplified interface with a BPMN define portrayal for the business forms.
The Fabric Store, which can alter outsider engineers to create sensible contract components, thus to boot extend the utility extent of our product, whereas likewise advancing the material Token system to a systematically developing gathering of purchasers and organizations.

ICO Details :

Symbol — FT;
The name is Fabric Token;
The standard is ERC-20;
Platform — Ethereum;
Total number of tokens: 100 million;
Available for purchase: 80 million;
The maximum target is 22,829 ETH;
The minimum goal is not specified;
Price: 1 ETH = 2,700 Fabric Token
Methods of purchase: ETH
Minimum purchase — not specified;
Maximum purchase — not specified;
Begins on January 15, 2018 and ends on February 29, 2018

Distribution of tokens:
Crowdsdale — 80%
Team — 13%
Advisors — 6%
Bounty — 1%
Distribution of funds:
Product development — 55%
Unexpected circumstances — 6%
Marketing — 14%
Legal expenses — 9%
Administration — 6%
Contractors — 11%

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SGPay – 3rd generation e-wallet and e-payment mobile application

SGPay Token is built on the Ethereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC-20 standard. The SGPay Token (or SGP in short) is built as a utility token to be used on our primary platform SGPay. It will be adopted by our technology partners and affiliated merchants.

Primary platform SGPay may be a third generation e-wallet and e-payment mobile application that enables users to shop for and sell cryptocurrencies, or build purchases exploitation each cryptocurrencies and act currencies. Team objective is to form SGPay the leading e-wallet and e-payments mobile application for everybody living in Singapore and also the region. Customers are able to procure their groceries, purchase picture tickets, book flights and additional with SGPay. they’ll even be able to choose their most well-liked mode of payment, either in act currency or cryptocurrency at designated merchants.

SGPay and its tokens helps to resolve these issues and promote the expansion of cryptocurrencies in Singapore and Asia. the last word beneficiaries of this improvement ar the first adopters of cryptocurrency.

Firstly, SGPay is associate e-wallet that enables users to shop for and sell cryptocurrencies. it’s associate integral incentive system that awards lower group action fees to users WHO hold additional SGPay tokens. SGPay can permit its users to additionally build transactions exploitation its tokens, and to procure added services on the platform.

Secondly, the addition of SGPay into the payments scheme additionally provides users larger alternative and variety for payments in Singapore and Asia. there’s a lesser chance of anybody e-wallet gaining monopoly power and imposing unfavorable terms on users.

Thirdly, SGPay can advocate the utilization of cryptocurrency for payments regionally. This creates a additional acquainted setting for users WHO ar already snug with exploitation e-payment apps. currently that cryptocurrencies ar promoted and supported on a preferred payments application, the utilization of them can increase correspondingly.

Full Feature Set

  • Accessible from mobile devices on both Android and Apple iOS
  • Decentralized tokens on the blockchain
  • ‘Cold-Storage’ style wallet protects up to 99% of crypto-assets stored with us
  • Support for transactions involving cryptocurrencies such as the SGPay Network Token, Bitcoin, Ether
  • Support for deposit/withdrawal of Singapore Dollar funds
  • APIs built to support merchant and user funds exchange
  • Full access for users over their private keys (platform will not store keys)
  • Support for debit and credit cards during the e-payment phase
  • Deep integration with industry leaders from the Insurance, Travel and other fields
  • Monetized reward system built into the platform
  • Support for locally developed cryptocurrencies such as Kyber Network Crystals, Zilliqa Tokens and more

The development of SGPay system is already in progress. Following is an overview of the project planning breakup. With its expected completion by May 2018, we are planning to launch the initial version of the system by Jul 2018.

Phase I (2H 2017) — Prototype Stage

  • Prototyping different various user interfaces
  • Optimizing the best user experience for our application • Coding the wireframe for our platform
  • Seeking of various liquidity partners for our platform
  • Defining prototype functionality
  • Establish prototype objectives

Phase 2 (1H 2018) — Launch of Beta + Initial Release Version

  • Evaluate and refine prototype •
  • Debugging and user-experience testing •
  • Full systems development initiated •
  • Full e-wallet functionality and support for 3 currencies
  • ‘Incentive’ algorithm based on SGPay Token built-in

Phase 3 (2H 2018) — Addition of Payments functionality

  • Launch of e-payments functionality
  • Support for debit/credit cards
  • Potential support for more locally developed tokens
  • Intensive Adoption Drive
  • Lay groundwork for creation of APIs for partner services

Phase 4 (1H 2019) — Partner Services API

  • To partner with various technological providers to enhance the use cases of our product
  • This will include insurance company tie-ups, mobile company tie-ups and partnerships with other big firms in other sectors
  • This will open up whole new users for our wallet application and make it a truly all-in-one platform

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Cosplay Token – The world’s largest cosplay platform

About Cosplay Token
Cure WorldCosplay, the world’s largest line platform, can unleash its “Cosplay Token (COT)”. The goal of COT is to create Cosplay, Cosplayers, photographers, prop manufacturers, fans, event organizers and firms a Cosplay Event, on-line and offline (eg Cosplay Event)

The question is however will this downside be solved?
The resolve to confront the issues mentioned before gave birth to modalities utilized in attempt the matter with power of block chain technology. The platform announces its ICO as a primary step to assembling a Tokenized system, with their own token known as Cosplay token (COT), that is to become defacto currency of Cosplay economy.

What challenges in cosplay square measure targeted at in tokenizing the platform?
One may be a harmful result not having settlement account of player, that makes several of them notice it terribly troublesome to induce paid once playing. Sharing of consent revenue is another huge challenge. Players haven’t been ready to receive their legitimate reward owing to lack of formidable rewarding system.
Thirdly, the dearth of transparency in trust and analysis et al. square measure unfriendly to the expansion crypto currencies.
To solve the same downside, cure world cosplay additionally introduced 2 varieties of tokens that square measure cosplay Token (COT) and cure play coin (CPC).

The economic activity incidental COT supplying has 3 parties. They are;
Ø The players (photographer, cosplay, etc.)
Ø User
Ø Angel investors (those United Nations agency support future cosplay financially)
Service and token flow:
Player United Nations agency desires to produce services or begin a brand new project through CW are going to be supply and commerce their own CPC.
The steps concerned square measure shown within the white book. the advantages of every of the parties are:
1. The players gain new revenue through the supplying at sale of CPC.
2. The users can have distinctive expertise just for CPC holders.
3. The angel investors get pleasure from money come from rise in token value from discovering and supporting new talent.
The future initiatives of by the platform are:
Issuance of digital membership thus to assist shield players works.
Measured against extrajudicial pictures are going to be taken.
New ways that to get pleasure from cosplay (use of two.5 dimensional stages in events like Edo GAME SHOW), language support, e.t.c are going to be introduced.

Maximium Tokens issued are
1000000000 COT at the rate of
1 COT for 0.0001 ETH.
400,000,000 COT will be used for ICO
The allocation of token is such that 20% goes to liquidity and operations, 20% for founders, 20% for partners and 40% for token sale (ICO). 20% will be used for development, 50% for operation, 10% for PR, marketing, 10% for bounty payment/reward and 10% for legal advisers.

The team
The team that designed up this platform includes of Jurichiro Kawai, president (CEO), Tatsumi Inui, RP, Tomofumi Yoko Yama, community, Yuuki Iwasaki, marketing, and host of others.
Invest and be a part of this platform so you’ll recover your unsettled rewards as a player and build profit for commerce your CPC s a user, and revel in nice reward as AN angel capitalist.

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COINVEST-New Methods to Invest in Crypto Assets is Virtual

Coinvest could be a localized stock market that permits users to take a position in a very array of cryptocurrencies in a very straightforward manner. once a user desires to form a trade, the Coinvest Token (“COIN”) is distributed to the contract beside a listing of the cryptonized assets the user would love to take a position in. The amounts and costs of purchased assets area unit recorded in USD and once a user would love to liquidate their holdings, they follow a similar method of merchandising an exact quantity of chosen assets and their address is came back COIN within the USD worth of the profits attained.

When And Why Was Coinvest Founded?
Frustrated with the quality, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment selections on the market on the market, Coinvest decided to democratize cryptocurrencies by creating tools amendment shoppers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.
Frustrated with the quality, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment choices out there on the market, Coinvest is decided to democratize cryptocurrencies by making tools to:
Provide mechanisms for customers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.
Empower anyone to make investment vehicles for a in person curated index of cryptonized assets victimisation one platform, one wallet, and one coin.

What square measure the benefits Of victimisation Coinvest?

Investing in cryptocurrencies these days is an especially tough and a intensive method. Exchanges need KYC authorization which might take hours (if not days) to validate. Coinvest wrongfully bypasses the KYC method as there’s no exchange in decree currency, assets, and because the Coinvest good contract is that the steward of your deposited funds.

Securely storing cryptonized assets is imperative however not trivial. Some coins and tokens have completely different|completely different} standards and need different wallets. As a shopper, you have got to decide on between completely different billfold choices (such as hot, cold, paper, etc.) counting on your risk appetency. Storing assets yourself is possible for some; but, difficult and risk hacking and user-error. With Coinvest, there’s no storage of investment assets as all portfolios square measure fully digital.

Prices in cryptocurrency is very volatile. feat assets at the incorrect worth and time is the distinction in gains or losses. There square measure presently restricted investment choices that empower users to execute versatile shopping for choices like shorting and worth limit orders. Coinvest is one in every of the primary within the business to supply this practicality.

Unlike current exchanges, Coinvest offers index funds containing a portfolio of cryptonized assets associated with elements like market capitalisation, industry, etc. The index funds modify users the flexibility to speculate while not on an individual basis and actively buying assets themselves. Meanwhile, providing broad market exposure, low operative expenses, and low portfolio turnover.

There square measure presently no investment vehicles that modify investors to man of the cloth associate degreed invest in an index of cryptonized assets created by themselves. Current investment, index, and mutual funds square measure managed by third-party plus managers and supply no flexibility and management of the fund itself. Personal curated index funds on Coinvest empower users to manage the assets, distribution percentages, rebalances, and withdrawals of their own individual fund.

Decentralization and Security
Investing in cryptocurrencies need causing funds direct to associate degree exchange or investment fund (which inherently creates centralization and high risk as they’re the steward of your funds). Coinvest doesn’t settle for any funds (fiat, cryptocurrency, etc.) or payments direct from users. User funds square measure control in written agreement and controlled by the Coinvest autonomous larva (computer code) at intervals a wise accept the Coinvest protocol. Users will withdraw funds or shut their positions at any time and procure distributions mechanically via the Coinvest good contract. The Coinvest investment method needs no human involvement or interaction.

Backed Collateral
All investments created through the Coinvest platform square measure backed by the cryptonized assets themselves. to confirm liquidity, Coinvest employs 2 reserves. (Please sit down with the Coinvest Reserves section during this document for additional elaborate information) Investments can solely be dead primarily based upon obtainable assets within the reserve, guaranteeing the safety of all users. A share of company revenue is allotted for added purchases to extend liquidity and scale the reserve in relevance growth.

Token name: COIN
Token category: Token
Platform Token: ETH
Soft Cap: three,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: thirty,000,000 USD
Total Token: 107,000,000
Number of token ICO: fifty two,500,000
Token Price: one thousand COIN = 700 USD
Bonus Token: twenty fifth
Minimum purchase volume: one hundred USD
Mining protocol: POS

Crowd sale/Token Distribution
60M Total tokens
Token Name : COIN
Token worth : one ETH = three hundred COIN
Presale Cap one.2M
Presale Bonus five hundredth

Tony Scott: Earlier Congress of Industrial Organizations yankee governments, VMware, Microsoft and filmmaker
Pete Cashmore: Founder and Director of Mashable
The team is light-emitting diode by friend Nam, and also the entire team is shown their roles
Damon Nam: Founder and CEO
Bayron Levels: Technological Director
Taylor Rieckens: Director for Business Development
Ramiro Galan: inventive Director
Umar Irshad: Director and program
Kevin Huynh: Director for Analytics and Operations
Mark Ayad: money Director
Kim Huynh: selling Director
Ben Tossell: Community director
Dexaran Derat: Blockchain Engineering
Robert Forster: Blockchain Engineering
Alexander Kravchenko: Engineering
Elena Chizhova: Engineering
Dmitry Golovchenko: Engineering

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ETH address 0xC53AF309cb2c85F830148EDf1dfa4B2520E56594 — Intelligent technology for wireless energy

What Is NODE?

Node could be a revolutionary prime quality technology, wherever this technology are going to be claimed to disrupt the wireless code market’s position for private or industrial use. it’s a technology with innovative development, wherever nodes as platforms provide solutions in storage and transmission activities with the simplest quality and nice potency.

The claiming node is within the final stages of model device testing. Further, there area unit 2 essentially completely different schemes that area unit still being explored and improved by the team nodes, including:

First, on associate induction wind or electrical electrical device that includes a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a straightforward magnetic force network referred to as magnetic induction. exploitation this methodology, the transmission of transmission and reception of energy becomes possible at goodish distances, however to get a major voltage during this means it’s necessary to regulate 2 terribly shut coils between one with another roll.


Remote and simultaneous transfer of energy to many devices with any power


Technology can be applied to any electronics


Low to medium cost, in comparison with other solutions, power transfer efficiency up to 90%

Smart Design

Less wires and more space saving. Convenient use and storage


Ergonomic and modern design

Market opportunity

The growing variety of recent innovations on technology and accumulated production of autos, social unit appliances, mobile phones, notebooks and different wireless energy product, resulted in accumulated demand for wireless energy product. Node responded with associate degree energy transfer system to form product usage more practical and economical. The presence of wireless power transmission extends the merchandise life cycle, reducing the necessity for power lines and reducing waste management.

Target Market

The use of wireless systems is commonest in Asia, North America and jap Europe. Node product are marketed within the u. s., Europe China and Japan. taking into consideration the on top of facts, to take a position within the wireless energy transmission trade in these countries is incredibly sensible with a rate of 20% per year.

Investment Through Token Node

Token Node offers a chance to take a position in revolutionary technology. capitalist raising aims to finance the assembly and promoting and sales of Node product. current developments create it potential to become a member of our current ITO campaign, once the risks related to product performance are tidied up, and at a similar time there’s the most potential for future token value will increase.

Product NODE


Flexible pad for wireless charging of electronic devices. Outdoor charge charging lets you charge many devices, place them in requirements or maybe one another.

Target price ~ $ 9
Surface area of 300x200mm
Transmitted power up to 10W
5V USB power supply


Wireless charging station for desktop placement. Eon provides many charging devices at once and comes with automatic power management.

Target price ~ $ 159
Transmitted power — up to 150W
Power supply-220V
Dimensions — 100x70mm


Token NODE offers you a chance to require an edge in revolutionary revolutionary technology products — wireless transmission devices for each personal use and business. The fund assortment is meant to finance the assembly, promotion and sale of Node devices.

The NODE token request is created by a mixture of factors: repurchase implementation moreover as merchandise deduction purchased directly from Node.


Starting 07.12.2017
End 07.01.2018
Token Price: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: equivalent to 10 USD
Total number

token: 0.75 million pcs.
Participants receive 50%
(additional 0.5 tokens per purchase)


Starting 15.02.2018
End of 15.04.2018
Token Price: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: equivalent to 10 USD
The initial participant receives the bonus:

1–10 days 30%
11–20 days 20%
21–30 days 15%
31–40 days 10%

Total number of tokens including Pre-ITO: 10 million pcs
All tokens that are unsold and not shared or will be burned.

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ETH Address 0xC53AF309cb2c85F830148EDf1dfa4B2520E56594

HONOR — A Decentralized Ecosystem of On-demand Work

INTRODUCTION One factor is certain! It’s either you have got employment that provides you cash otherwise you square measure searching for one. If you are doing not comprise any of those classes then I’m undecided reading this text can excite or interest you, believe me! however if you have got employment and you’re wanting forward to rising it or in search of different suggests that of financial gain, then let’s ride! A larger population of the planet is deep-seated by young and vivacious youths World Health Organization type a decent proportion of the labour force. There persons largely square measure energetic and may burn plenty of joules perfecting duties. as a result of the education revolution that has created several appreciate the sweetness of the renaissance of the mind, a majority of those teens visit faculties, universities and different establishments to develop themselves. however there’s a challenge. the roles accessible don’t equate the amount of qualified persons on ground; for the latter greatly surpasses the previous. this can be sort of a development that’s old most over the planet, with minimal exceptions in terribly developed economies. This has created persons capable of being within the labour market to cut into into education and self-employment so as to assist their state of affairs. This has helped to associate degree extent, however it still desires deep modifications as a result of being your own boss doesn’t mean being your own shopper too. Hence, customers World Health Organization would like your service should contact you before you’ll be able to show the abilities you’re created from.

What is HONOR Coin?
Honor coin could be a token in light-weight of Ethereum blockchain innovation. it’s the elemental element within the new Jubs stage delineated during this endeavor. purchasers World Health Organization have HONOR will trade them for getting administrations, win them on the Jubs stage, utilize them in additional administrations went for noncommissioned consultants or trade them with guardian financial forms within the helper trades

Is HONOR exchangeable?
The HONOR currencies purchased within the initial supply of the tokens area unit transferable once the token sale event ends

What is the worth of HONOR?
The HONOR are going to be sold-out in an exceedingly mounted ETH relationship with bonus periods as represented on this page. The goal is to boost up to $ fifteen million equivalent in ETH by commercialism a hundred million HONOR tokens, which can verify the rate of exchange and can be outlined in real time before the implementation of the contract

How am i able to invest in HONOR tokens?
During the launch dates / contribution amount, you’ll send your ETH to the sensible contract that may be free before long to receive your HNR tokens mechanically

The HONOR cryptocurrency (HNR) is that the major monetary instrument of dealing on the JUBS platform. Sale of it throughout the ICO campaign shall begin in 2018. the respect cryptocurrency (HNR) are going to be distributed at a quantitative relation of HNR per one ETH to participants — supported the daily rate — within the initial contribution amount, that is starting on Jan fifteenth, 2018.

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CIBUS — Food Ecosystem On Blockchain

Why would like a Blockchain for food safety review
Lack of responsibility, inadequate info and non-transparency regarding food ingredients and, its origin is that the most significant downside of gift food business, and traceability is taken into account because the most applicable approach to bring final consistency and transparency.

The terms “food safety” and “food quality” might get confusing at time. Food safety refers to all or any those perils, whether or not persistent or acute that will flip food injurious to the health of the buyer. Quality includes all attributes that impacts on a product’s worth to the buyer. This includes positive qualities just like the origin, colour, flavour, texture, and process technique and negative qualities like spoilage, contamination with dirt, discoloration, off-doors, of the food. therefore the distinction between safety and quality has implication for public set up and influences the character and content of the food system, that is that the most suited choice to meet preset objectives for maintaining food quality.

Vision Of CIBUS
Global offer chains area unit extraordinarily effective recently however in some ways they’re adulterate with nontransparency, dishonorable activities, superannuated stocks, etc. Moreover, reliance on superannuated technology or manual procedure creates unwanted gap between makers and traders with shoppers in many ways in which. Blockchain technology, that has the potential to be used as secured thanks to record and transmit information during a safe and suburbanised networks, has currently been counted as a promising thanks to improve these chains.

One purpose that sets CIBUS except for different virtually similar comes is that CIBUS goes to launch hardware as well: very best quality advanced associate degreed intuitive sensors which will frequently monitor and steady send information to the blockchain as an item transits from manufacturer to its user.

CIBUS is on the verge of making a possible market. most significant think about this technique advancement is complete transparency and conviction. the most focus are to develop associate degree system that address market problems, will bring down prices, and might boost efficiencies. of these parts can facilitate CIBUS to that be the foremost favorite for all stakeholders integrated within the offer chain — from the producers to traders to shoppers.

System of CIBUS
The CIBUS platform can run victimisation blockchain technology, which is able to give transparency and security on this platform. The systems we tend to style and therefore the blockchain technology are wont to verify the standard of food and health supplements moreover because the fulfillment of transparency for shoppers. Our goal is to bring food producing and food supplements, producers and sellers below one purposeful, interactive, and mutualist Platform supported blockchain technology, and change transparency of information open and accessible to all or any interested parties. Thus, we tend to hope that business homeowners and shoppers will relish the most effective transparency, credibility, and responsibility of the food product they consume.

Token Sales-Join chance
With this chance, we have a tendency to invite you to enlarge this Platform, to succeed in the Broader Society. we’ll unharness the Token beneath the name “CIBUS Token ”, here is that the knowledge.

• Name: CBT
• Token exchange rate: one ETH = a thousand CIBUS Token
• Total token provide (max): a hundred,000,000 CBT
• PRE — TGE TOKEN SALE finish DATE: 10:59 AM (GMT) on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 2018
• ICO Token Sale begin Date: 11:00 AM (GMT) on Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 2018
• Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
• Soft cap: five,000,000 CBT
• laborious cap: forty,000,000 CBT
• Min purchase: ten CBT

Reasons we decide Blockchain
We designed this platform to run exploitation blockchain technology because the basis for our platform development. as a result of from the primary look, blockchain comes with the provide of quick and secure on-line transactions and supports every kind of information and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology uses a system, wherever each dealing is recorded and might not be modified forever, therefore dealing security and transparency may be maintained and cut back the prospect of cheating knowledge. we tend to build Platform CIBUS run exploitation blockchain technology, wherever production and distribution records recorded in Cibus blockchain can’t be altered and might not be thought-about counterfeit, therefore customers or patrons will use the info to recall the merchandise instantly if the merchandise isn’t obtainable in keeping with what customers need. we are going to produce the Cibus Platform to own a token which will be used as currency inside this platform. we are going to keep each dealing that you just do quickly and additionally safely, exploitation blockchain technology. each party World Health Organization interact are directed to use the Cibus token we offer, so as to keep up the speed and security of the transactions they create.

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